Living true to our name Blue Ray Web Solutions, is our methodology and path to success. The Blue Ray part is defined and utilized in physics to detect and diagnose matter. Emanating from this definition our driving force and the way we work commence with Diagnosing the situation, then we go back and detect the actual need and criticality, after deciding on what is needed, we Map it to our existing arsenal of solutions and services. We then move to our production stage, namely to Implement, Test and Deliver. This is where the story ends with many companies, with us it is only the beginning, we are after establishing a win-win, long-term relationship with our customers, which we now regard as our partners to success.



Regarding the Web Solutions part of our name, Blue Ray specializes in offering business solutions associated with web designing and development and offers a wide range of services under such categories, copy-writing, web design, graphic design, SEO, all empowered by our methodical Marketing, Social Media management and Communications services.



To empower our clients, anywhere, to use the web to its full potential by providing affordable, effective, custom solutions.



To assist our clients in presenting their business in a proactive,

professional, and innovative front to the marketplace to best

address their clients’ needs.



Our websites are attractive, vitalizing, and responsive. Design and development work are based on the client necessity, individuality and worth ability. SEO services are among main tenets of website building and architecture, coupled with innovative content. Basically, our web creations are fully focused on SEO marketing’s which helps us attain our promise to make your company more visible to your target audience.